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Impartiality , Objectivity and

Pursuit of truth and social justice


The previous office The predecessor organization of this office (during Taiwan's colonization by the Japanese empire) was the Chiayi Prosecutors Branch of Tainan District Court after a reorganization following Taiwan's recovery in 1945. The first prosecutor Liu Jheng-Dao stood in as proxy for the chief prosecutor and was in charge of administrative businesses. It was not until June 1st 1947, Chiayi District Prosecutors Office was formally founded. Then, the Premier served as Chief Prosecutor managing comprehensive affairs. There were appointed prosecutors organizing criminal investigation, execution and examination businesses. Personnel duties were a part-time job of the Chief Clerk, a position that undertook recording, exercising, documentation and general affairs. Bailiffs guarded criminals and adjunct accounting officers and statisticians of the court took care of accounting and statistic functions.A clearer distinction between judicial and prosecutorial functions was promulgated on July 1,1970, thereby hierarchic courts were subordinated to the Judicial Yuan and the prosecutorial system was placed under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Justice. We were reorganized as the Prosecutors Office of Chaiyi District Court by amended and enforced organizational law of court on December 24, 1989. The Premier Prosecutor was renamed as Chief Prosecutor, the Clerk Room as Clerk Division, while section chiefs of recording, exercising, documentation, examination and general affairs were appointed adjunct clerks of the Ministry of Justice. Executive Yuan authorized the category of this office as second category of District Prosecutors Office at March 15, 1991 and original personnel office (2) was authorized to be reformed as the civil service ethics office in September 16, 1992 and took over partial tasks of the personnel office and a new level of civil service ethics responsibilities. The new office                



  • Location

    Address:No.286, Linsen E. Rd., East District, Chiayi City 60072, Taiwan (R.O.C.) google map Telephone:(+886)-5-2782601,(+886)-5-2782804,(+886)-5-2781004, (+886)-5-2783905,(+886)-5-2752467, (+886)-5-2752879 Transportation:Bus taking bus: take the line of "竹崎-梅山"public bus of Chiayi county beside Chiayi train station , and drop off at "安老所站" stop to reach the front door of Chiayi district prosecutors office.Our office is 3,600 meters away from Chiayi Train Station.  

Service Counters

  • Service Counters

      Application Counter : Receiving victims' petitions or mails Payment Slip Counter : Issuing duplicate payment slip for required fees (bail, loot, imprisonment-converted fines, fines)and changing a provisional receipt to a official one. Revenul Counter : Paying the fees according to the slips. Refund Counter : Returning the bail and paying the conduct money to witnesses. Report Counter for parole : A paroled person has to report to the prosecutors' office in the district of his or her residence within 24 hours. Probation Consultation Counter : When a person paroled from custody completes the report procedure at the report counter,the probation officer will immediately tell him or her the regulations he or she has to follow, and provide psychological consultations. Litigation Assistance Counter : Replying to questions about criminal procedures (including the procedure to apply to the prosecutor for appealing the case) Helping a litigant or persons involved understand the procedure of litigationAssisting persons surrendering to justice, persons who voluntarily submit, and the use of the accusation bell. Assisting with the report on availability, filing an application, and requesting for subpoena or postponement. Assisting with the procedures of bailing; fulfilling the obligation by the party who bails out a criminal; petition for an end of detention, removing the name from the wanted list, and lifting the ban of arrival and departure of the country. Assisting with the payment of bails and fines. Assisting with applying for suspending or delaying the execution, converting the imprisonment into fines, paying fines with installment and converting fines into imprisonment. Assisting with the return of bails, loots, evidence and conduct money for witnesses or expert witnesses. Assisting with the obtaining of prosecutorial documents, certificate for the conclusion of a case, and other documents. Replying to enquiries on the progress of reconsideration, investigation, and other matters. Writing or making a copy of routine petition without the reasons free of charge on behalf of the applicants. Providing legal assistance to common people. As for questions on legal affairs, please consult the Bar Association which provides legal assistance to common people.   

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