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Outlines of Prosecutor Functions

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  • Last updated:2023-06-15
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The priority tasks of prosecutor institution are to indict criminals and conduct the execution of criminal judgment. In recent years, the cases are increasing and relatively the burden are more heavy, but all fraternities are working hard to perform their duties and aggressively deal with various cases followed the instructions of superiors, especially on purging corruption, carrying out sweeping against underworld, strict drug enforcement, preventing smuggler, cracking down steal from burglar, breaking national territory environmental crimes, inspecting bribes for all respects, immediately investigating felonies, saving children and teenagers from sexual behaviors, protecting intellectual property, policing against economic and cyber crimes to correct the political ethics and clear administrative; purify election genius and consolidate democratic and politic base; prevent citizens from drug poison; and further assure the safety of peoples' lives, freedom and properties. In addition, we carry the policy of no impeachment for misdemeanor and stress on easing lawsuits to decrease indictments; follow the principle of restrict claiming for restrain to protect human rights. We also emphasize on detention, reformation and victim protection to allow misled criminal an opportunity to reform and regenerate and protect victim or survivors; finally, confirming the policy to service people to enhance their faith to prosecutor institution.

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