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  • Last updated:2023-12-13
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    1. Office of the President Republic of China

    2. The Control Yuan of R.O.C

    3. The Judicial Yuan Of The Republic Of China

    4. The Executive Yuan of the Republic of China

    5. The Legislative Yuan Requblic of China

    6. The Examination Yuan of  R.O.C

    7. Ministry of  Justice

    8. Taiwan Chiayi District Court

    9. Chiayi City Governmemt

    10. The Cultural Affairs Bureau of Chiayi City

    11. Chiayi County Government

    12. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of  R.O.C.

    13. Ministry of Finance of R.O.C.

    14. Ministry of Transportation and Communication of R.O.C.

    15. Ministry of Economic Affairs
    16. Ministry of the Interior

    17. Ministry of Education

    18. Hakka Affairs Council 

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