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Implementing Critical Criminal Policy

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  • Last updated:2023-06-15
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Carry Out Important? Policy on Criminal

Committing crime is an anti-society behavior that jeopardizes social security, increases social burden and breaks social order. While cracking down crime, preventing crime and improving social security are duties of prosecutor institution and also criminal policy of present government. In order to keep social security, we list following tasks as our highlight targets:

  1. Sweeping Against Underground and Eliminating ViolenceInvestigating severe criminal cases and sweeping against underground immediately. To keep social security, the most important job, we appointed Chief Prosecutor and Prosecutors to form a project team that integrated polices, investigators and military polices of juristic area to start the sweeping underground movement and investigating organized crimes to ensure a peaceful society.
  2. Cracking Down CorruptionIn order to purify political administrative and correct political genius, we established an "executing corruption crackdown team" at September 1993 to integrate the power of prosecutor, investigation and civil service ethics units to crack down corruption and appeal for strict investigation.
  3. Drug Enforcement by Main ForceTo maintain people in healthy and establish a pure society, we fulfill a policy of "Declare a war to drug". We formed a "Drug hunting team" since July 1994, which closely associated with investigation, military police and police units to stop drug abuse using drug enforcement by main force.
  4. Investigating Bribe-for-Vote
    In order to purify election and correct the election patterns, we established Project team for investigating bribe-for -Vote and Investigation contact center of district prosecutors to conduct the investigation, enforce the collect evidence evaluation to aggressively investigate bribe cases and file strict indictments.
  5. Detecting Internet Crime
    Internet crime grows dramatically. To prevent this emerging types of crime, we cooperate with investigation, prosecutor, police, telecom and information such related units to investigate altogether to maintain Internet order and social security.
  6. Emphasizing the investigation for sexual activities of children and teenager
    There is "Outlines of performing children and teenager sexual activities prevention" in this office, which is enforced by dedicated prosecutors. We founded a project team since January 17 1996 that calls police stations and branches in that district for a meeting in two months and assigns dedicated person to do reading and clipping. If there are any illegal and unreal or porn advertisements, they will be assigned for progressed investigation and strict on indictment.
  7. Prohibiting Economic Crime
    For a stable economic order, we formed a project team that appointed responsible prosecutors to take charge the case of intellectual property impairment, illegal fund absorption, under table transactions in stock market to develop the function of economic crime prohibition.
  8. Promoting Law Propagation
    Assigning prosecutors to deliver speeches to institutions and schools at all levels and cooperating with radio station to produce episode popularizing to different levels to strengthen people's concept of law and the spirit of obeying law.
  9. Supervising Conflict Resolution Function
    Appointing prosecutors to different townships and cities to proceed the supervision on conflict resolution function and illustrating related law to increase the ratio of successful resolution meanwhile reducing the origin of lawsuit and assisting social harmony.
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