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Procuratorial organ bail refund rules

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  • Last updated:2023-06-15
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  1. For strengthen convenient measures,rule prosecutor’s  office ,the procedure of bail refund,so set the rules .

  2. When the cases through not prosecuting、verdict or some other reasons makes the reason of bail bond vanished according the rules should refund the bail the prosecutor’s office should refund the deposit as soon as possible and no need people claim.

  3. The prosecutor’s office can decide take debit (include transfer) or notice people to take the deposit , according to the size or public sentiment of jurisdiction.

  4. The procedure of debit (reference the flow chart)

  • Recordsection or enforcement section clerk should manufacture the notice of refund deposit (which would divided three parts, annex 1) , one of the notice will put in file , another will deliver to the Accounting office , and the other will mail the bail with empty claim(reference the annex 2) and ask them which way they choose to receive deposit.
  • When criminal guarantor mail bails receipt and claims back to the prosecuter office,except guarantor doesn’t want debit,the account office should make payment voucher,copayment voucher,attach list (all in triplicate,reference annex3&4)and inform National treasury administration,Ministry of Finance to transfer refund into the account of guarantor or proxy and notify them.
  • After debit the bail,the accounting office will stamp at lower right corner on agreement and transfer to clerk put in file.
  • After mail the notify and not receive the payment receipt and claim overdue,willtreat as volunteer come to the prosecutor’soffice in person to receive the bailand notice the accounting officeimmediately to deal with formalities to refund the bails.
  • When notice the guarantor to receive bail in person,the accounting office should refund bail immediately,and can not delay.
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