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Law Promotion

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  • Last updated:2023-06-15
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To advance general legal knowledge of citizens, and encourage them to know the law, respect the law, and follow the law, the Administration puts law promotion on the priority list in its administrative plan every year.  Individually from school, society, family, jail law will be popularized using life activities, inspiring activities , multiple promotion methods, and positively promote the below policies.

1.Full-scaled promotion of general legal knowledge

  • Use the internet to popularize general knowledge of laws:In this bureau the website links to the web page of the Ministry of Justice which has set up the common knowledge of law program, from the program are normal knowledge of law for daily life. This uses Internet media to promote units of: the laws of life, discussion of laws, law channel, the 6 laws, different careers, crime problems etc. This provides references for citizens, organizations, schools and clubs.

  • Manage the incorporation of law promotion activities: Manage law promotion with the use of a theme. According to the circumstances of society setup anti-drug, anti-counterfeit, anti-fraud and campus law as promotion themes, send the prosecutor of this office to organizations in the local area and schools to explain and promote the knowledge of law, combining the local resources to conduct every item of law promotional activities.

  • Manage middle and primary schools court visitation activities: Continuously manage middle and primary school students visit to procurators offices and courts to allow law education to be developed from the campus, and develop the idea of abiding by the law.

  • Combine the social organization and engage in law popularization activities: The government has limited strength, but local resources are infinite, so to combine social public welfare, charities, religion, professional organization and university ,etc. can launch the popularization activity of law actively. Set up the law and popularize the network: Combine the district court, the association of lawyers society and social popularization resources for the people, organizations and school groups to handle law promotion and law service application.

2.Declaration of anti-election bribery.

To make elections fair and justice, the declaration of anti-election bribery leads to be important, this bureau constantly cooperates for yearly elections and makes concrete promotion plans which are in accordance with election characteristics. To coordinate the Chiayi branch of Taiwan Rehabilitation Protection Association, and Chiayi's victims protection association, Chiayi County probation officers and volunteers carry out the items. In the mean while mobilize the branch colleague at the same time and combine local resources to hold several anti-election bribery activities. The promotion of anti-election bribery will adopt diversified paper advertisements, and also use the TV and radio, show the campaign to use anti-election bribery intensively, and  encourage the people to use the special toll-free phone number of 0800-024-099 to report on the offenses.

3.Promote the program of “community living camp”

Based on the idea of earlier prevention of criminal activity and according to former minister Chen's idea to promote the camps community life. Students with low grades and who are unable to adjust to school, and are rebellious students will have a lively way to solve their problem of school work and guide and correct their behavior after school. Encourage a balanced development of the 5 educational developments. In order to prevent total criminal activity and reduce the number of victims.

4.Constantly promote anti-drug policies. 

To prevent the damage and addiction of drugs" is always government anti-drug work. Every year the Ministry of Justice takes this as its main point. This bureau use not only media to reinforce new broadcast connections but also combine TV and the Tabloids to constantly manage every item of anti-drugs. But also plan and    execute multiple activities against the use of drugs. The activities are as follows:

The activities are shown to the left:

  • Strengthen the research into juvenile drug abuse.

  • Promote the "plan to combine social resources to promote teenager summer activities for prevention of crimes."

  • Combine resources of public interest groups, hold activities to promote legal knowledge.

  • Reinforce the anti-drug promotions inside the campus.

  • Reinforce the anti-drug promotions by use of radio stations and popularize law .

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