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Notifications of Reporting for Case Investigation Session

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  • Last updated:2022-06-26
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Please bring a summons or notice with identity document to Bailiff Room, and attend to the matter in registration.

  • Bailiff Room Criminal Case Registration:

The Bailiff Room is located on the right side of the gate entrance.

Following the investigation registration instructions, and report to the Investigation Room or question room.

  • Relative location:

The investigation rooms in our office are U-shaped arrangement, the 1st to the 5th investigation rooms are on the left side, and the 6th to the 10th investigation rooms are in the front, and the 11th to the 14th investigation rooms are on the right side when you face the atrium. (the 1st-floor plan)


  1. If the party has evidence that needs to be an investigation, please to be present with it. If the evidence is documentary, please prepare a copy. The party may request to examine a witness, and they can take along with the witness or find out the name and address for summons.
  2. The defendant who fails to appear without good reason may be arrested with a warrant.
  3. The cases will be investigated in Prosecutors Office justly. Please do not believe any legal scalper. If you have any questions about fraud, please phone our anti-fraud call(05)2782601 ext. 341.
  4. A legally subpoenaed witness who fails to appear without good reason may be imposed a pecuniary penalty of not more than thirty thousand NT; besides, you may be arrested with a warrant; if you fail to appear when being subpoenaed again, the same rule may be applied.
  5. A witness may request legally fixed daily fees and traveling expenses, and the secretary may hand out the application and bring it to the cashier for withdrawing money unless he was arrested with a warrant or has refused without good reason to sign an affidavit, to tell the truth, or to testify. The request specified in the preceding section shall be made to the office with summons and identity documents on office hours within ten days after completion of the examination.
  6. You are welcome to query our volunteer about your hesitation, and we will guide you instantly.
  7. Please call our Citizen Service Center, if you have other questions. Tel. 05)2782601 ext. 100
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