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Key points for the prisoner to pay fines in installments

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  • Last updated:2023-06-15
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Main points of the procuratorate of the courts at various levels below the high court

  1. The prisoner fails to pay the fine may mention to the prosecutor for payment in installments within 2 months after the penalty is determined,
  2. According to the number of installments applied by the convict,  the prosecutor allows the prisoner to pay for the average of the total amount of the fine within 8 times.  As the deadline is about to be completed, only within the time limit before the completion of the limitation is allowed to pay in installments.
  3. Payment for fines in installments one time per month, once the prisoner delays to pay the fines the prosecutor may revoke the permission to pay in installments, and  serving for labor.
  4. The prisoner should pay the fine of less than NTS5000, except those  those who have practical difficulties may be allowed to pay in installments at his  should order to pay all fines at one time.
  5. For those allowed to pay fines in installments, the prosecutor shall write in writing or orally the date and amount due for each installment and notify the prisoner of results if he fails to pay on time. Notifying by orally, records should be noted.
  6. If the prisoner arrives spontanelously, whether it is a summons or a wanted case, no need to have a letter of guarantee to allow them to pay fines in installments to cancel the wanted. If the prisoner who has been detained or wanted or served for labor, may be ordered to submit the installment after the person or shop submitting a letter of guarantee and first payment of the fines. For prisoners who have been sent to prison for labor, the executive prosecutor should contact the prison monthly. If there are still claims to pay fines in installments, transfer immediately and should take the initiative to inform the prisoner that he can claim to the commanding and executive prosecutor at any time.
  7. The letter of guarantee shall state If the prisoner escapes , hides or does not pay on time, he is willing to bear all the responsibility for payment.
  8. The payment of fines in installments is in progress, and there is no problem with the limitation of time. However, if the prisoner no longer pays after the heir, and there is no deduction, he should be paid attention to before the completion of the limitation, and the extension of Article 85, paragraph 3 of the Criminal Law shall apply. A quarter of the statute of limitations.
  9. Besides of office hours, courts at all levels and the procurators should designate special personnel to collect fines.
  10. The prisoner who is in detention, wanting or serving in labor whose spouse ,blood relatives within the third , tow degree of kinship, may inquire of the prosecutor about the number of fines payable and permit them to pay in installments.
  11. Payment by installments is permitted in the case of a wanted case.If the case is no longer paid afterwards, the prisoner who is detained again or the case is wanted will not be allowed to pay in installments.
  12. If the fine is allowed to be paid in installments and its period has not expired, it shall be deemed as a case without delay.
  13. The clerk regards the principle of leniency and earnestly pay the installments of fines good performance. For example, referring to the prosecutor's standard for the number of converted cases, it should be used as an important reference for year-end performance appraisal.
  14. Prosecutors and clerks handle cases where fines are paid in installments, and those who violate the provisions of this key point or perform poorly shall be discussed at their discretion.
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