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Guide for Inmates request imprisonment commutable to a fine

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  • Last updated:2023-06-15
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  1. According to Criminal Code Article 41, Inmates could request imprisonment commutable to a fine that is adequate for this guide.
  2. If inmates request imprisonment commutable to a fine, they must come to our office in person with fine and identity documents and apply it to the case officer verbally.
  3. The application will be permitted if it met the requirements of standards after review. We do not accept any lobby.
  4. The inmate can pay the fine in installments after requesting prosecutors with prove documents when the inmates cannot afford to pay the fine in full amount. The installments should be paid per month.
  5. According to Criminal Code Article 41:

In an offense that carries a maximum principal punishment of not more than five years’ imprisonment, if the offender is sentenced to imprisonment for not more than six months or short-term imprisonment, the punishment may be commuted to a fine at a daily rate of NTD one thousand, two thousand or three thousand. This provision does not apply to the cases in which the commutation of the pronounced punishment as imposed is manifest of little corrective effect, or the legal order cannot be maintained.

In combining punishment for several offenses which is commuted to fines or community service and the punishment to be executed exceeds six months, the preceding paragraph shall apply.

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