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Probation Affairs

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I. Introduction of Probation System
The probation system was established on July first, 1980, The Ministry of Justice and Administration was restructured to the Ministry of Justice and added Protection division which was in charge of instruction and supervision of protection affairs. For coordination revision of the Rehabilitative Disposition Execution Act, the Ministry of Justice set up adult probation affairs in 1982.
The adult probation system is a kind of execution of protective control affairs outside correctional facilities.. The purpose of the probation system is recidivating prevention by counseling and supervised by probation officers, and strengthens offenders’ social support system.

II. Introduction of Probation Affairs
Probation affairs include protective control affairs, community treatment, social labor service affairs, and judicial protection affairs.

A. Protective control affairs
  1. Interview and visit
  2. Urine collection and examination to drug offenders
  3. Technology equipment monitoring and polygraph test to sexual offenders
B. Community treatment during deferred prosecution
  1. Law-related education course
  2. Addiction treatment
  3. Voluntary services
C. Social labor service affairs
D. Judicial protection affairs
  1. Restorative justice
  2. Law-related education propaganda
  3. Selection, employment, training, and assessment of honorary probation officers
  4. The practice of probation affairs for college students
  5. Review payment of deferred prosecution

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