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The mission of the Taiwan After-Care Association is to counsel those released from prison to return to normal lives, to integrate into society, and to prevent re-offenses to maintain social security. Formerly the "Taiwan Province Judicial Care Association", the Association was founded on November 11, 1946, under the supervision of the Taiwan High Court, the Department of Social Affairs of the Taiwan Provincial Government, and the Bureau of Social Affairs of the Taipei City Government. It is a public charity group organized as a foundation and was renamed the "Taiwan After-Care Association" in July 1967, to be responsible for the care of ex-prisoners of Taiwan Province, Taipei City, and Kaohsiung City. As the Government attached great importance to this work, the "'Rehabilitation Protection Act" was promulgated and entered into force on April 8, 1976. The Association was then reorganized on November 11 of the same year. It has been under the direction and supervision of the Ministry of Justice since 1980.

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