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Chiayi District Prosecutors Office seized the case of overdue business waste group

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  • Last updated:2021-08-19
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        Chiayi District Prosecutors Office received a report that a farmland in Chiayi County was overrun and abandoned by business
It emits foul smell, which seriously affects the environmental situation. The inspection by Yan Rong-Song of our office is assigned
Officials also set up a special case team to investigate.
The agency once again appeals to the need to have a certain degree of expertise in removing and processing industrial wasteEquipment, and the company that has obtained the license file can only do it, and the environmental protection company In particular, waste should comply with relevant government regulations, and should not be dumped on agricultural land or arbitrarily covered.
Just bury it. For illegal businesses who violate the law and abuse the law, this department will never lenient loans and make strict rules.
Punish and prosecute, and ask the people to protect the land and water resources together, and refuse unscrupulous manufacturers to pollute
Contaminate land or even water for people’s livelihoods. If suspicious persons or vehicles are found to be indiscriminately dumping waste,
Have the courage to report to the judiciary and jointly safeguard the beautiful mountains and rivers.


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