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Chiayi District Prosecutors Office And The Chairman Dai Of Chiayi Fishermen’s Association Take An Oath 「Anti--Bribery Together」

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  • Last updated:2021-03-02
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The chief prosecutor Jhih-Ming Guo lead a team consisted of Chiayi District Prosecutors Office and Chiayi Country Government ethics official went to Chiayi Fishermen’s Association for anti-bribery propaganda to their board of directors on Feb.20 morning.

Jhih-Ming Guo said the election of group leader, deputy head and member representative will be voted on March 20, 2021.

If the case of bribery has been prosecuted or verdict confirmed, the whistleblower will get bonus reach up to 500 thousand NT dollars.

「If anyone encounter the case of bribery can call complaints line 0800-024-099 or through E-mail ,writing on papers or in person report to the inspection units and office of government ethics. 」 Jhih-Ming Guo appeals.

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