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The Chiayi District Prosecutor’s Office leads a visit to Chiayi Girls’ High School to strengthen awareness of integrity and integrity

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  • Last updated:2024-05-24
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In order to deepen the character education of young students and the concept of school integrity, the Chiayi District Prosecutor's Office held the sixth lecture series of the 113th annual "Prosecution Leading: Integrity Campus" project event today (24th). Students and civic teachers of Chiayi Girls' Middle School were invited to make an appointment 32 people visited the District Prosecutor's Office. In addition to conducting legal education and publicity on campus, the event also led students to observe the operation of the judicial system without affecting the normal investigation work, and visited places that are not open to the public to show the true style of the District Prosecutor's Office. Deepen the quality of anti-corruption and upholding integrity in schools.

Prosecutor General Chen Songji attaches great importance to students' moral education and awareness of integrity and integrity. He personally kicked off the visit and welcomed students from Chiayi Girls' High School. Prosecutor Chen said that high school and college are critical periods for the formation of values ​​​​in one's life, and schools are even more important. It is an important place for learning and living, and an important position for values ​​education. Deepening high-quality civic literacy on campus is one of the important tasks of the District Attorney's Office. It is hoped that through this visit, it will arouse students' interest in integrity education and anti-corruption issues. Resonating with the police, I also hope that students who are interested in crime prevention and treatment will have the opportunity to join the judicial system and work side by side with judicial officers in the future to jointly provide justice for victims and contribute more to society and the country.

When the Civil Service Ethics Office lectures on campus legal education, it explains the business responsibilities of the Independent Commission Against Corruption of the Ministry of Justice, the business attributes of the District Attorney's Office, the work content of prosecutors, the differences between the District Attorney's Office and the courts, etc., and introduces our country's current judicial system to encourage students Through this visit, we can absorb practical legal knowledge and become law-abiding judicial vanguards.

Finally, the Chief Bailiff led the students and citizenship teachers to visit the investigative court, and arranged for the young students to put on the robes of prosecutors and clerks in a practical way, and conduct role-playing. They also guided them to visit the identification room, prison corridor, waiting room, etc. Unreservedly uncover the mystery of the District Attorney's Office.

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