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The Chiayi District Prosecutor’s Office, in conjunction with the Health Bureau, has gone deep into factories to fight against drugs.

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  • Last updated:2024-05-10
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The number of domestic migrant workers has reached a new high. According to statistics from the Ministry of Labor, as of the end of last year (2023), the number of migrant workers totaled 753,000. In order to increase the understanding of our country's relevant laws and regulations among migrant workers coming to Taiwan, and to avoid accidentally touching the law or being used as a criminal tool by those who are interested, This department specially cooperated with the Chiayi County Health Bureau to carry out anti-drug propaganda at Tianheng Machinery Co., Ltd. in the Taibao Industrial Zone on May 2, 2024. For Filipino migrant workers at the site, Probation Officer Lu Haoquan explained in English our country's anti-drug policy, and use news cases to illustrate that some migrant workers in Taiwan may feel stressed and depressed due to factors such as work, homesickness, cultural adaptation, etc., and may be tempted or introduced to use drugs, or even sell drugs, which violates our country's criminal law. regulations, etc., reminding the migrant workers present that they can relieve stress through positive leisure methods and never get involved in crime. The migrant workers who attended the meeting responded enthusiastically, saying that their home country (Philippines) also strictly cracks down on drugs, so they strongly support our country’s anti-drug campaign. policy, and will also make good use of their vacation time to experience Taiwan’s beautiful scenery and delicious food.

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