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"Procuratorial Leadership: Integrity Campus" The Chiayi District Prosecutor’s Office led a visit to Xinghua Middle School to establish students’ appropriate concepts of integrity

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  • Last updated:2024-05-10
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In addition to the task of investigating crimes, the procuratorial organs also focus on the prevention of crimes, so that the public knows and abides by the law, does not violate the rules and does not violate the law, and helps reduce the chance of crime. In view of this, the Chiayi District Prosecutor's Office actively cooperates with the Ministry of Justice to promote anti-corruption, anti-drug, fake and fraud prevention and other publicity activities so that the public can obtain accurate knowledge and prevent fake information. Yesterday (8th), Xinghua Middle School was invited Young students visited the District Prosecutor's Office. In addition to conducting legal education and publicity on campus, they also led the students to observe the operation of the judicial system without affecting the normal investigation work. They also visited places that are not open to the public to show the true style of the District Prosecutor's Office and will Anti-corruption and high-quality citizen qualities are deepened on campus.

Chief Prosecutor Chen Songji personally welcomed the young students from Xinghua Middle School and said that high school and college are critical periods for the formation of values ​​​​in a person's life. Schools are important places for young people to learn and live, and are an important position for values ​​​​education. Therefore, quality citizenship quality will be By deepening the campus, we hope to arouse the interest and resonance of young students in integrity education and clean government issues. We also hope that young students who become interested in crime prevention and control will have the opportunity to join the judicial system and become professional judicial personnel in the future, who can provide justice to victims and be more able to Contribute to society and the country.

During the briefing, the Civil Service Ethics Office explained to the visiting teachers and students the business responsibilities of the Independent Commission Against Corruption of the Ministry of Justice, the business attributes of the District Attorney's Office, the work content of prosecutors, the differences between the District Prosecutor's Office and the courts, etc., and introduced our country's current judicial system and encouraged them. Through this visit, students can absorb practical legal knowledge and become law-abiding judicial vanguards.

Finally, the Chief Bailiff led the teachers and students to visit the investigative court, and arranged for the young students to put on the robes of prosecutors and clerks in a practical mode and perform role plays. He also guided them to visit the identification room and the prisoner corridor, and revealed the details of the District Prosecutor's Office without reservation. Under the veil of mystery, the Chiayi District Prosecutor’s Office organized this visit, which left a deep impression on the students and effectively implemented the concept of judicial application and serving the people.

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