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"Prosecution Leads: Integrity Campus" Chiayi District Prosecutor's Office went to the University of Nanhua to conduct a lecture on respecting life, rejecting poison, and promoting clean government

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  • Last updated:2024-03-18
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Chiayi District Prosecutor's Office actively promote education on integrity and anti-corruption on campus, and demonstrate Flexible judicial style, yesterday (13th) invited Prosecutor Zhan Qiaowei to serve as a lecturer to with the theme of respecting life, rejecting poison and promoting clean government, the first course was held at the University of Nanhua, A series of lectures on campus integrity "Procuratorial Leadership: Integrity Campus" project activities, Conduct anti-drug education and propaganda for young college students who are about to enter the workplace, Establish concepts such as a clean work culture and a clean home. 

Prosecutor Zhan Qiaowei used past criminal cases as examples to share with young students. In recent years, the number of packaged mixed drugs seized has grown rapidly, including stimulants and hallucinogens. Their appearance is different from traditional crystals, powders and other forms. Switch to mixed packaging of brewed coffee, tea bags, glass bottled water, and even small pieces of paper to attract young people to try new things and avoid detection. Students are advised not to use strangers’ or unusual products in entertainment venues out of curiosity or to follow the trend. If you accidentally consume expensive cigarettes, instant drinks and beverages and experience abnormal dizziness, special sensitivity to sound and light, or aphrodisiacs, etc., be sure to call the police and seek medical treatment immediately.

In addition, in order to enhance young students’ understanding of the work of prosecutors and the judiciary, the Chiayi District Prosecutor’s Office specially broadcasts the “Doing Justice” short film produced and produced by the Taiwan High Prosecutor’s Office. The main plot focuses on a team of prosecutors investigating illegal money-making cases. , working day and night to uncover the truth of the case, doing everything possible to successfully detain the defendant, recover the proceeds of crime, and return the vulnerable victims. The theme incorporates the element of a "law-protector" messenger, emphasizing the prosecutor's journey and hardships in seeking justice, thereby conveying the judiciary's toughness and softness. characteristics, embracing the core values ​​of justice and care value, leading young students to know different prosecutors, and also looking forward to effectively disseminating justice Correct values ​​and concepts of integrity and integrity.

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