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Conducting Sin-seng Family Life Growth Courses

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  • Last updated:2023-10-26
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To promote interaction among Sin-seng family members and enhance their energy, the Association for Victims Support Chiayi Branch organized a "Life Growth Course - When I Think of You" program. Psychologists Wen-Ya Tseng and Hsuan-Yuan Huang led the event, which included thematic lectures, interactive games, and crafting activities. Through these activities, Sin-seng families were able to improve their caregiving skills, practice self-affirmation, self-care, overcome internal anxieties, and build confidence to navigate the grieving process.

The counselors began with a guided reading of the picture book "Daddy in Heaven," allowing Sin-seng families to share their emotions about the loss of loved ones and express their current feelings when thinking about those who have passed away. This helped them gain a better understanding of their grief. The counselors also engaged the families in activities such as puzzle hunts and frontline support games to enhance family interaction, strengthen parent-child relationships, and expand their non-verbal communication skills. This encouraged seeking help and assisting others.

The counselors then facilitated a stress-relief Bingo game, emphasizing that when overwhelmed by sorrow and the changes it brings to life, individuals can either continue with their tasks or set aside their grief for a while. The message conveyed was, "Sometimes, we don't need to be overly brave or strong. We just need some fleeting touches of everyday life to keep moving forward."

Towards the end of the course, families expressed their longing for their loved ones as a family unit. Through a crafting activity involving dried oil flowers, they sealed their family's sentiments inside glass bottles. When the sun's warmth shines upon these oil flower bottles, it reflects various scenes. It is believed that their family members in heaven can see these heartfelt messages.

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