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Chiayi District Prosecutor's Office conducts key education and training on the revision of the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Crime Victims

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  • Last updated:2023-06-15
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The "Crime Victim Protection Act" passed the Legislative Yuan on January 7, 2023 third reading,the full name was changed to "Human Rights of Victims of Crime interest protection law",, the content of the new law is both deep and broad. It expands and upgrades the concept of compensation and protection in the past to emphasize human dignity, and deepens.
To improve the protection of the rights and interests of crime victims and their families, the Chiayi District Prosecutor's Office is here today (27th) Invite relevant units involved in the implementation of crime victim protection work within the jurisdiction to participate Education and training to familiarize themselves with the application and implementation of new laws.

In this study, in addition to the participation of the prosecutors, prosecutorial affairs officers, and clerks of this office, the judicial police, the special task force of the Immigration Department, the health administration, education, social administration, and crime victim protection associations of the county and city governments were also invited. Sub-committees, Criminal Victim Compensation Review Committee and other units participated together.

Chief Prosecutor Huang Mingying of the Chiayi District Prosecutor's Office explained the key points of the amendment, including: 1.Raise the level and supervise the effectiveness of the crime victim protection work by the Executive Yuan;
2. Clarify the powers and responsibilities of the inter-ministerial committee and build a service network;
3. Renew the protection service charter In order to improve related services;
4. Specify the relevant assistance framework for legal proceedings;
5.Strengthen the personal security of victims of crime;
6. Standardize the basic principle of restorative justice;
7. Overall adjustments to the system and nature of compensation for victims of crimes;
8.Professional and transparent protection organization.

After the meeting, the participants discussed relevant questions, it is hoped that the implementation of the new law will comprehensively improve our country's crime prevention. Victims' rights and interests protection system, Crime Victims and Their Families Experience Tragic Crimes After the victim incident, it can be improved through public-private cooperation and related resources injection Help to gain the positive power to face the future again.

(posted on 112.3.27)

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