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Host an writing couplets activity to support People under custody

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  • Last updated:2023-06-15
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The System of Adult Probation was founded in 1981, andThe Selection and appointment of Volunteer Probation Officersalso founded in 1987. To Integrate social resources and assist Taiwan Chiayi District Prosecutors Offices(hereinafter called “the Organizations”) in handing a lot of charity business, Chiayi County Association Volunteer Probation Officers (CAVPO) was be established.

Lunar New Year is coming. CAVPO and the Organizations combined with Abbey of Ksitigarbha to writing couplets with People under custody. When the activity was coming to an end, they gave them pineapple, daikon and subsidies. Apart from wishing People under custody all a prosperous New Year, CAVPO and the Organizations also hope that recidivism will reduce.


(Posted on 111.12.27)

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