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Chiayi Prosecutor's Office: "Heart-to-Heart Connections, Clean Election Style, Refusing to Bribe Elections and Staying Away from Prison" Anti-bribery campaign

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  • Last updated:2023-06-15
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In an effort to allow the public to further explore the treasures of Taiwan's prison administration monuments and the local culture of Chiayi, Chiayi Pre- Prison planned elaborately to conduct a series of "Fun in Chia Imprisonment Experience" during the holiday period from October 7th to 9th, 2022 (111) The activities include: 1. Guided tour of inmates trainging activities, which include arts, culture , and education training; 2. Prison and correctional experience; 3. Guided tour of prison reform; 4. Technical training (handmade) experience and other 4 major themes. The content aims to make the public understand the environment and history of prison, deepen the education of the rule of law, and then jointly welcome the rebirth of the detainees with a tolerant attitude. Chief Prosecutor Chang Hsiao-Wen of Chiayi District Prosecutors Office of Department of Justice was invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the event this morning. The agencies involved include Chen Shu-Hui, Deputy Mayor of Chiayi City GovernmentHuang Chun-Tang, Director of Agency of Corrections,Ministry of Justice Wang Wende, Department of PlanningDirector,  Ministry of JusticeZeng Xin-Dong, Director of the Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice;Ke Yi-Ling,Director of Chiayi Branch , Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice, and Wu Yong-Shan, Warden of Chiayi Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice attended the event.

The event started with a welcome event where the lion presented auspiciousness. The inmates of Yunlin Second Prison,Agency of Corrections,Ministry of Justice personally performed a puppet show. The finale was a large-scale puppet performance of Sichuan Opera face show, which won overwhelming applause from the distinguished guests and the public. The venue, the Department of Justice, in conjunction with the Department of Justice, Department of Corrections, Chiayi Prison, organized the anti-bribery campaign on "Elections with a clean heart and hands, refuse to bribe elections and stay away from prison. To establish and deepen the participants' concept of anti-bribery election rule of law , the zero-distance interactive explanation attracts the audience to participate enthusiastically via Video QR Code to win prizes" activity,and visitors to take photos with the anti-bribery election propaganda plate, 

The agency has recently seized several cases of candidates violating the Civil Servants Election And Recall Act, among which was the first case that brought to court, detained 1 candidate, and 6 released on bail. In addition, the agency made its own

filming of country's first film of an real event of election bribery case.

The incident of real-life interview video "The Voice After Bribery", through the sharing of the experience of tears of blood of the parties involved in the case. In the hopes of reminding the public to take it as a warning and not to become a guilty tool for candidates. This agency calls on the whole people to be brave and informative, and select the good and capable one for public service , so as to jointly safeguard the foundation of national democracy. Website of the Anti-Bribery Election Promotion Video Zone: https://www.cyc.moj.gov.tw/297563/297667/297675/986269/post

 The department's reporting line (05) 2752548, fax line (05) 2780445 or toll-free line 0800-024-099 ext. 4.

(Posted on 111.11.18)

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