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Chiayi District Prosecutors Office found that a clinic in Chiayi County and a pharmacy fraudulently received more than NT$25 million dollars health insurance case

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  • Last updated:2023-06-15
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Prosecutor Chen Chinghui of this Office instructs the Ministry of Justice Investigation Chiayi Field (MOJ CF for short) to investigate a clinic and pharmacy in Chiayi County for allegedly defrauding health care insurance premium case.Both squad of MOJ CF and National Health Insurance Administration Ministry of Health and Welfare southern divisons were under the command of Prosecutor Chen Jinghui to conduct investigations.

Summon the defendant surnamed Lin , 6 people and more than 10 related witnesses to come to the case after the interviewing and evidence collection, at about 8:00 on May 17,2022, with the warrant to the clinic, the pharmacy and other 2 places  to conduct a search,seizure health insurance cards,and other relevant  evidence whih patients deposited to the ownership of the clinic.

Prosecutors Chen Ching hui, Lu Ya Chun, Wu Hsin Lan, Li Xin Yu and Chen, Yu Wen put an all-nighter to interrogate,which was found that the defendant surnamed Lin was the head of a clinic in Chiayi County, and the surname Zhang was arrested.

The defendant was the person in charge of a pharmacy, and the defendant surnamed Zheng was the spouse of the defendant surnamed Zhang.

Alleging that the defendant surnamed Li and the two defendants surnamed Chen and brokers are jointly involved in fraudulent health insurance premiums crime.Since 1998, 3 brokers have been responsible for "exempting part of the burden by claiming that patients can take the patch which relieve mucle pain .After uploading false medical examination records and prescriptions to the defendants surnamed Zhang and Zheng, all the health insurance cards return to owners respectly.

Fraudulently collect medical fees, medicine fees and pharmaceutical service fees and other expenses amount to more than 10 years,and the illicit gains  of fraudulent health insurance medical expenses exceeds 25 million dollars. (the same below)

Prosecutors identified 6 defendants surnamed Lin, all of whom were involved in violations of Articles 216 and 214 of the Criminal Law Article 215 Suspect of forgery, Article 339-4 Paragraph 1 Paragraph 22 Aggravating the crime of fraud, the criminal suspicion is serious, but there is no need for detention.The defendant surnamed Lin was released on bail of 1 million dollars, 500,000 dollars for the defendant surnamed Zhang, 100,000 dollars for the defendant surnamed Zheng, and 100,000 dollars for the defendant surnamed Li.

The defendant was released on bail of 20,000 dollars and the other two defendants surnamed Chen  10,000 dollars respectively.

  This agency calls on the whole  health insurance systems to be a  major policy for both the country and  people .Relevant medical institutions and pharmacies should verify the filing expenses, and do not use unlawful means to infrige on the nation’s resources.

If there are people who have received relevant items in the bove-mentioned way,please take the initiative to explain to this office or Ministry of Justice Investigation Chiayi Field. If there is any illegal defrauding of state funds , for those who harm the rights and interests of the people, the agency will prosecute and seizure the illegal gains in accordance with the law, so as to safeguard the safety of people's interests.

(Posted on 111.6.1)

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