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Welcoming the Joyful Year of the Dragon, overflowing care during the festive season is extended

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  • Last updated:2024-01-30
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As the lunar new year approaches, victims of crime and their families often find themselves emotionally affected by the festive season. In response to this, Association for Victims Support, Taiwan Chiayi Branch organized a Lunar New Year caring event, taking 20 families to places like Hsinchu to visit the zoo and sugar factory. The outing aimed to lift spirits, with lawyers and volunteers accompanying the families throughout the activities, providing legal and insurance consultations. Additionally, dedicated personnel led families in animal therapy sessions, followed by an evening Lunar New Year banquet and a lucky draw segment. The winners were both surprised and delighted, making this journey a rewarding experience for the families.

During the visit to Leofoo Village Theme Park, the various adorable animals served as therapeutic mediums, promoting emotional adjustment and stress relief for the families. Children participating in the event joyfully explored the park. The families were also taken to outdoor attractions such as the Yuemei Tourist Sugar Factory, Gong Wei Xu Tunnel, and Wan-Ching Arts Garden, allowing them to connect with cultural and natural landscapes. Throughout the activities, there was continuous laughter and conversation, creating a space for interaction among the families. Everyone had the opportunity to share their experiences, providing mutual support and encouragement, further establishing a support network among the participants.

During the service process, the Chiayi branch has witnessed survivors who unexpectedly lost family members and are struggling with the dullness and depression of adapting to life after the incident. Through this Lunar New Year caring event, the branch aims to provide a break for the families. In addition to fostering communication among the families, if there are any legal, economic, or psychological needs or issues during the process, dedicated personnel and volunteers are available to provide guidance. The goal is to help the survivors understand that the association's services go beyond singular assistance; they encompass comprehensive life reconstruction services. The Chiayi branch aspires to be the most steadfast support for each case, collaborating to face the challenges of recovery and rebuilding life, ensuring that life continues moving forward.

By:Tzu-Yu Liu

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