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The Chiayi District Prosecutor’s Office investigates the beating case of a Chiayi city councilman and the application for detention ban is approved

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  • Last updated:2024-01-30
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The First Branch of the Chiayi City Government Police Department received a report from the public at about 7:35 a.m. yesterday (28th). The defendants Wu ○○ and Yang ○○ drove with Chiayi City Councilman surnamed Lin and his assistant surnamed Li. A car accident occurred, and the victims, Councilor Lin and his assistant Li, were beaten with pepper spray and iron rods, causing injuries. The police reported the case to Chiayi District Prosecutor’s Office as soon as it occurred, and assigned prosecutors Guo Zhiming and Zhang Jianqiang to form a task force to direct the investigation. Defendants Wu ○○ and Yang ○○ were re-examined overnight by the prosecutor and admitted that they had violated the criminal law of injury, intimidation, endangering safety, coercion, etc. The criminal suspects were serious, and there was a risk of destroying evidence, colluding, and repeatedly committing the same crime. The reason for the detention and the necessity of the detention were requested. At about 2:00 pm today (29th), the Chiayi District Court ruled that the request was approved after interrogation.

This office appeals that our country is a democratic country governed by the rule of law, and members of the parliament serve the voters when discussing politics.We will never tolerate any violent and illegal behavior, and will strictly investigate and deal with it promptly.
Maintain a positive atmosphere and actively safeguard the life, body, freedom, and property safety of all citizens.

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