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Chiayi District Prosecutor’s Office investigates Shuishui Township brawl and murder case, custody approved

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  • Last updated:2023-10-19
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The Chiayi District Prosecutor's Office received a report from the Shuishui Branch of the Chiayi County Police Department late at night on October 17, 2012, that two people from a warehouse housing agency, surnamed Lu, and four customers, including a man surnamed Bai, were fighting with each other with weapons in Shuishui Township, Chiayi County. He was injured and sent to the hospital. Among them, one adult man, Huang ○○, died after first aid failed.

Prosecutor Xiao Shiyong was immediately assigned to form a special case team to direct the investigation, collect evidence on site and pursue the defendants and others involved in the case; the prosecutor led a forensic doctor on the morning of the 18th to conduct a physical examination and select an autopsy date;

After being interrogated by the prosecutor, the defendant Lu ○○ and others and relevant witnesses believed that the murder committed by the defendant Lu ○○ was a felony with a fixed-term imprisonment of more than 5 years, and that the defendant Gao ○○ was involved in injury and was in danger of committing another crime. There were reasons for his detention and It was necessary, so the Chiayi District Court in Taiwan applied for detention and a ban on visits and was approved. The other accomplices Lu ○○ and Bai ○○ were injured and are still being treated in the ward after emergency surgery.

The Chiayi District Prosecutor’s Office immediately notified the Chiayi Branch of the Crime Victims Protection Association to activate a care mechanism in accordance with the Crime Victims Rights and Interests Protection Act to provide necessary protection and assistance to the victims’ families.

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