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In 2023, the Greater Chiayi Region held a meeting of the "Joint Platform for Combating Crimes against the Development of the Green Energy Industry" to strengthen the detection of "green energy cockroaches" and offer a reward of up to NT$10 million to investigators who are found guilty of corruption and profanity.

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  • Last updated:2023-06-16
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With the advent of the technological era, the government is in the stage of energy transformation, green energy construction is one of the important policies of the country, and the central government annually subsidizes local governments with huge budget incentives to promote the use of renewable energy, the development of huge benefits, thus triggering the coveting of many interest groups. In order to prevent unscrupulous operators from making use of the opportunity to cheat or collude with civil servants to make profits, Taiwan Chiayi District Prosecutor's Office, under the guidance of Taiwan High Prosecutor's Office, the Independent Commission Against Corruption Department of the Ministry of Justice, and the Political Wind Group, has taken the lead in the detection and prevention of green energy crimes, so that the national energy policy can be implemented smoothly. "In addition to the launching ceremony of the liaison platform, the relevant units will report on the current situation of the development of the green energy industry in the Greater Chiayi area, and also take this opportunity to understand the types of crimes and suggestions that may be involved in the obstruction of the development of the green energy industry by the various investigative and prevention agencies, so as to jointly promote a transparent and clean green energy industry and avoid the involvement of improper external forces.

Taiwan Chiayi District Prosecutor's Office hopes to demonstrate the government's determination to protect the development of the green energy industry through this conference, and calls on the relevant industries to follow the government's regulations to promote the development of the industry, and to report any unlawful obstruction to the office or relevant authorities. Environmental sustainability is a shared responsibility of all people. Through public-private cooperation, we can safeguard the core values of our energy policy and promote a balanced integration of "energy security," "green economy," "environmental sustainability," and "social equity" in order to promote sustainable energy development.

(posted on 112.6.16)

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