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Chiayi City Prosecutor Investigates Fraudulent Assistant Fee Case Against Former Chiayi City Councilor Surnamed Chuang

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  • Last updated:2023-06-15
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On June 5, 2023, the investigation station of Chiayi City and the Southern Regional Mobile Station of the Bureau of Investigation of the Ministry of Justice received information that a former member of the Chiayi City Council, surnamed Chuang, was suspected of fraudulently claiming the public expense assistant subsidy fee. On June 5, 2023, the Task Force conducted a search at three locations, including the legislator's residence and service office, with search tickets issued by the Chiayi District Court in Taiwan. A total of five witnesses were summoned to the case.

Prosecutor Chen interrogated the defendant and relevant witnesses overnight, and believed that the former councilor surnamed Chuang was the 9th and 10th Chiayi City Councilor, and that during his tenure as a councilor, he made false declarations and applied for public assistant subsidies.

Involved in the Corruption Crimes Act, civil servants take advantage of opportunities in their positions to defraud property and criminal law to make public servants publish false information
The crime of documents and other crimes is serious, but there is no need for detention. The defendants Chuang ○○,
Lv ○ ○ and Li ○ ○ that released on bail of NT$ 100,000, NT$50,000, and NT$50,000, respectively.

(Posted on 112.6.14)

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