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27.Application to cancel a circular order

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  • Last updated:2022-06-26
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No 27
Application Item Application to cancel a circular order.
Application Content Someone was be wanted, and has been subject to the statutory punishment or some other reasons to cancel a circular order.
The Requester 1. Someone was be wanted.
2. Legal representative. (A statutory agent)
3. Spouse.
4. Stakeholders. (An interested party)
Application Procedure File an application or fill an application when summoned by the prosecutor,and the statement should be recorded.
Attach with Documents 1. The certificateof sentence execution finished or the certificate of case closed.
2. Put forward the reason of cancel a circular order(E.X.death,military service,be perform the sentence of another case.)
Accepting Authority The original public prosecutor's office.
Application Period After the punishment has been completed or the reason of a circular order has been vanished.
Disposal Time Limit Immediately.
Review Authority When the prosecutor verifies the reason for the issuance of a circular order to arrest no longer exists or a circular order to arrest is apparently unnecessary,the circular order should be cancelled immediately.
Fee Free of charge
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