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09.Motion to Transfer the Jurisdiction

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  • Last updated:2022-06-26
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No 9
Application Item Motion to Transfer the Jurisdiction
Application Content To avoid the inconvenience of traveling between the two places in response to the inquiry, request permission to transfer the case to the appropriate prosecutor’s office for investigation.
The Requester 1. Litigant.
2. defendant.
Application Procedure File a pleading stating the reason.
Attach with Documents State the reasons and submit supporting documents.
Accepting Authority The original public prosecutor's office.
Application Period the case is accepted before the investigation is concluded.
Disposal Time Limit 1. Accept at any time.
2. It will be processed within 10 days from the day after the application is accepted unless those in urgent conditions should be addressed without delay.
Review Authority If the original public prosecutor considers that the application for transfer of the jurisdiction is well-grounded, he shall immediately send the file to the chief public prosecutor of the higher court.
Fee Free of charge
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