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Appeal for re-examination

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  • Last updated:2021-01-28
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Appeal for re-examination (The claimant to the compensation for wrongful detentions and executions matter objects to the decision of claim rendered by the adjudicating agency.)

The claimant who objects to this decision shall file an appeal for re-examination in writing specifying the reasons for re-examination in the petition and file the petition to the court of Compensation for Wrongful Detentions and Executions of the Judicial Yuan through the Court within 20 days after the decision has delivered to the claimant.

The request of compensation payment shall be submitted to the Court in writing with a copy of domicile certification attached. The request shall be submitted within 5 years after the decision of claim is served to the claimant. The claimant’s right to payment of compensation will be forfeited if the claimant fails to submit the request of payment before the specified deadline.

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