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Actively plan social labor services and cooperate with policy implementation

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  • Last updated:2023-06-15
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Cooperate with the Ministry of Justice to amend Article 41 of the Criminal Law, and add social labor as a short-term freedom penalty to avoid the interruption of academic and family relations, and ease the problem of prison congestion, save correction costs, and reduce the financial burden of the state treasury Etc., the Department is actively planning to use the installment penalty payment system flexibly, granting inmates who are incapable of EKE fines a buffer period of no more than 6 months for them to raise the amount that should be paid, and strengthen the deferred prosecution in the "community treatment" "The use of "studies to include community labor as a type of penalties or easy penalty penalties, so that people who have been sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment or detention for less than 6 months can be executed without imprisonment or interruption of work. At the same time, free labor compensation will be provided to the society.

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