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Continue to use deferred prosecution penalties to implement justice and care activities

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  • Last updated:2021-08-16
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The implementation of the deferred prosecution sanction system not only gives the defendant an opportunity to rehabilitate, but also enables public welfare organizations to increase the channels for helping the socially disadvantaged through the use of deferred prosecution penalties. Statistics have been effective since the implementation of the deferred prosecution sanction system in 1991 and fully demonstrated The prosecution’s positive image of justice and care, while exerting the effect of litigation economy and reducing the source of litigation, has been highly affirmed by the outside world. The Department of Justice has continued to implement the "Public Care Suspended Prosecution Penalty Application Plan" of the Ministry of Justice to address the needs of disadvantaged groups. , Use the deferred prosecution penalty to provide necessary support and services to supplement the lack of government funds and manpower, so that all sectors of the society can not only feel the role of prosecutors in fighting crimes and safeguarding social justice, but also actively assist with flexible judicial characteristics Public welfare activities to fully demonstrate the positive image of justice and care of the procuratorial organs.

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