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Prevent sexual assault cases and implement the protection of victims

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  • Last updated:2023-06-15
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In order to avoid the judicial police, social workers, medical or prosecutor’s offices, courts and other agencies from accepting sexual assault cases, they will inquire  the victims separately, causing them to re-state the case and cause psychological trauma again. Our colleagues in sexual assault cases, They are all done in compliance with the "Key Points for Reducing Repeated Statements in Sexual Assault Cases", pay attention to whether sexual assault cases comply with the "representation procedure" and properly adopt isolation and interrogation measures to protect the rights and interests of the victims. In addition, sexual assault cases often cause permanent damage to the victim. In order to effectively protect the victims of sexual assault cases, the psychological wounds that are difficult to eradicate should be protected, and relevant information such as the age of the victims should not be published. For the interviews of media reporters, effective isolation and prevention measures should be planned to provide comprehensive protection of the victims.

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