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Implement the concept of "exquisite prosecution" of the Ministry of Legal Affairs

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  • Last updated:2021-08-16
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The Ministry of Justice reminded that the focus of procuratorial work should be to establish "exquisite inspection" as the goal, to achieve "precise case handling, show justice, win trust, and reduce disputes." Related investigations should strive to be stable and fast, establish prosecution credibility, and strictly abide by legal and due process. , Strengthen the effectiveness of public prosecutions, use the verification, return, and investigation mechanism to effectively resolve the source of litigation. It is advisable to be more detailed in terms of specific penalties, establish consistency standards for each prosecutor’s office, and gradually implement the integrated prosecution system in the organizational system. When investigating various cases, relevant units also aim at "precise investigation". In addition to enriching their professional knowledge and capabilities, studying legal issues, and familiarizing themselves with various criminal characteristics and methods, they should also have refined case-handling skills and use technology. Technology and methods assist in handling cases, and integrate investigative resources, so that the team's ability to handle cases can be brought into full play.

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